2019 Shortfilm

/2019 Shortfilm

Lip Reader:Game of Detective

Length: 29Mins

Director: 石谭轩

Cast:李一享、柯子静、William Joen (美国)、曹心然

A Chinese girl who is proficient in lip read, taking the limited material through the DV machine of paparazzi to cracks an actress Jewel theft.

Grow Up

Length: 9Mins57Secs

Director: Hanwei(Alex) Zhang

Grow-Up is a short documentary recording the life-changing story of a group of high school students traveling to a minuscule village in the rural regions of China. This documentary fully expresses a student’s emotions and feeling throughout the trip as he begins to understand the world he lives in. The high-quality camera work will make the viewers […]


Length: 7Mins20Secs

Director: 赖宇超

Cast: 彭南林

Paul is a sport specialty student of long racing, he secretly prepared for the Boston Marathon nearly one year. But his father Bryant is a victim in Boston Marathon and his knee also get injured. Paul works in Bryant’s restaurant as part time job and earn money. After he made mistakes, Bryant doesn’t allow him to go […]

Two Flags

Length: 24Mins24Secs

Director: 李洋

Cast: 宋晓光、李紫滢、Brian O’Callaghan、胡嫣心

A peaceful world should not put on it with a mark of disagreements over customs, races and distances. Without knowing how but inadvertently your experiences are wonderfully mixed with mine. Any hypocritical play is not as good as you take the initiative to understand me or I take the initiative to understand you. Just like this […]

Life Belt

Length: 6Mins40Secs

Director: 董阳

Cast: 安东明、盛一彤

When many of the temptations of life appear of life appear in front of us, it all will pretend to be so beautiful. We need to have enough discrimination to overcome the desires of these temptations. The greater the desire is, the closer the danger is the closer the control of his desire is in the safe […]

3 In 13 billion

Length: 59Mins

Director: 刘梦宸

Cast: 吴树雄、刘之伟、杨淑玉

This is a documentary about living out of the mainstream with dialogues focused on reality and dreams. Dance connected us, and I determined to make a film about their lives beyond dance. Three people, three lives that all belong to one grand dream in their hearts. At the same time, it is inevitably being buried among the […]

Love of Mandi

Length: 25Mins25Secs

Director: 胡小猛

Cast: 黄贺、张淼怡、王宇哲、廖佳慧

The film depicts a story of a youth, Da Hu, who settled in China’s northeastern countryside accidentally saved an injured dog on the road during China’s cultural revolution. Da Hu loved the dog very much, but he was not allowed to raise the dog under the bureaucratic pressure. So, he decided to send the dog back to […]

Opera Dream Seekers

Length: 20Mins59Secs

Director: 贾钢、袁雪凝

Cast: 白金、陶慧敏

The story begins with Yang Lan, a gorgeously looking Peking Opera actress performing the traditional play Lian Jinfeng in her hometown Taizhou, Jiangsu. It serves as a salute to Mei Lanfang, one of the most famous Peking Opera gurus in China, who was also born in the town. Under the guidance of her mother, Yang Lan has […]

Family tradition

Length: 21Mins05Secs

Director: 欧阳其莉

Cast: 董阳、黄明进、潘丽清、孙曙霞

RongRong’s grandpa took part in the army and never came back, grandma believes grandpa is still alive and waits for him over 80 years. RongRong was blamed by his father for over-spending money, he felt so embarrassed and resorted to grandma for assistance. He finally realized his fault after grandma’s patient education. He then tries his best […]

Love Never Forgets

Length: 13Mins50Secs

Director: Fred Grant

Cast: Atticus Guo、Cici Lau、Davis Choh

James loves spending time with his Nana, but recently he has noticed something wrong with her. She always seems to be forgetting things and often mixes up names when telling stories. Love Never Forgets tells the story of a family’s affliction with Alzheimer’s Disease seen from the unique perspective of a five-year-old child.

You Are the Apple of My Eye

Length: 12Mins14Secs

Director: 刘颖蓉

Cast: 魏诗耕、魏至翎、林均祐、陈仕和、刘国声、周秋水、陈楷承、伍婷婷 、陈琼媚、Murni Wijayanti、徐凤枝、蔡美姿、纪婉菁

A kind-hearted kid has a crush on his new classmate. He tries many ways to get her attention, but his attempts back-fire. Finally, he has a real chance to get close to her, but his luck runs out. At a moment where he feels like giving up, he gets what he wanted all along just […]

A group photo from the highest point

Length: 3Mins56Secs

Director: 刘笑微

Cast: 于新博、胡明、卜靖轩、张慧

The film from the perspective of a China ordinary family. Takes the emotion for the father and the source point. In the family narrative relay dream about two generations. In international trade building construction. Create new heights in China. Witness the process of reform and opening up China’s construction industry level from beyond to lead the league […]

Beauty of Life

Length: 4Mins49Secs

Director: 刘笑微

Cast: 冷慧、耿艺、吴非、郝敬宝、周荣臻、赵丰卫

Film describe abandoned superior life in five young men walked into the mountains. They use a video record of rare wild animals and plants. Witnessed a new era of restoration of biodiversity. Is this group of take the bull by the horns, persistence and conservation experts, scholars, stick to the wild photographers’ dedication to let people pay […]

Mother Love

Length: 2Mins45Secs

Director: 周伟

Cast: 牛莉、闫妮、王丽云

The story reflecting the success pf China’s reform and opening-up policy 40 years by telling a small story about how the three generations woman in a family dress more and more beautiful.


Length: 2Mins55Secs

Director: 刘笑微、杨庆生

Cast: 王进、薛军、张连镖

The story describes the self-improvement of four ordinary people. How they try their best to achieve their own progress. They are the witness of the development of China.


Length: 3Mins49Secs

Director: 杨庆生

Cast: 徐晨耀、高全利、于澎、蒋婧、戴卓凝

This story uses continuous footage to show the different changes in a small family over four decades, the changes happen in a small family is a big change of a great time.


Length: 5Mins12Secs

Director: Youning Jiang

Cast: Youning Jiang

A fifteen-year-old girl embarked on a journey to study abroad in the United States. She traveled from the East to the West and wanders back and forth in the two cultures. She was lost; she questions to find her position between the two sides. The movie uses a story of the washing machine, focusing on […]

The Seed of Virtue

Length: 16Mins37Secs

Director: 唐玉强 刘译阳

Cast: 弋阳、蔡牧昀、荣鑫、李玮

Two gunmen were found by a policewoman, Yingying Kong, while she was on duty, when they were trying to escape by train at a small railway station. After shootings, wounding Yingying Kong, the murderous gangsters kidnapped a woman Chunyan Cao with severe heart disease and took her as a hostage. Yingying Kong`s father, Lifeng Kong is […]

I am a father

Length: 29Mins

Director: 侯竺沅

Cast: 毕瀚文 张隆基

Home is the cell of society, home stability, society will be stable, home happiness and stability will drive social progress and stability. The story tells the story of two strangers walking at the end of life who meet and produce warm stories about the new home. The last one is the same as Mo, but the […]

Perfect Resonance

Length: 10Mins

Director: 袁曾

Cast: Mark Pikula、Titi Pikula、Kevi Rodriguez、Maya Riquelme

A timid unsuccessful composer Luke has been bullied for a long time by his dead wife Scarlett’s brother, Ben, who occupied their house. After another humiliation, Luke plans a perfect murder which utilizes dominoes due to the acoustic resonance of piano frequency.

Magician:Game of Detective

Length: 29Mins

Director: 石谭轩

Cast: 戴寰宇、Lauren Rodriguez (U.S.A) 、南诗音、Yisrael Dubov (U.S.A) 、David C. Smalley (U.S.A) 、Mona Arkin,刘玥玮

Zhangcheng, an underappreciated successor of Chinese face-changing, assists the FBI to arrest a top Japanese disguised thief by chance and be trapped in a tactical conspiracy.

GongFu Story

Length: 60Mins

Director: 炼熔、孟卫国

Cast: 王海祥、徐冬梅、朱文超、张兆艺

The film tells the story of two young martial arts fight clubs in modern cities. Despite all kinds of struggles for interests and emotions, young people finally realized the wisdom and spirit of martial arts fighting and realized what a real justice is.

Meet grandma Wolf

Length: 21Mins51Secs

Director: 欧阳其莉

Cast: 巫冬燚 孙曙霞 赵奇 荣子淇 林伟雄

District justice bureau held in accordance with the requirements of the superior “fight child trafficking special legal publicity and education activities, after the district director of justice demands from a superior to the rule of law publicity division section chief to do relevant work arrangement and set up a guard against child trafficking […]

Ellen Story

Length: 16Mins

Director: 伍婷婷

Cast: 张润锋、梁月昕、刘恩心、陈秀权

Mother found out in the hospital that liver cancer is advanced, and her daughter is still young and ignorant, so the mother who dotes on her daughter becomes stepmother, forcing her daughter to learn to be independent. Daughters grow up very uncomfortable, contradictions continue to escalate, and daughters hate their mothers.Adult daughters, as bystanders, are anxious but […]

The Timepiece

Length: 13mins55secs

Director: Karan Choudhary

Cast: Bill Bateman、Karan Choudhary

An unlikely friendship between two characters from different cultures and sexuality. Sunny, a young straight guy from India meets Larry, a middle-aged gay guy in New York. They share a love of film, acting, life and deep affection towards each other. But what happens to that true friendship when something goes missing and the […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Length: 13mins

Director: Tianzhao Zhang

Cast: John Henry Richardson、Ayden Mekus

To complete the entry test of the Bravery club, a friendless young boy Charlie puts laxatives into chocolate chip cookies and delivers it to the creepy old man Jack living next door, but eventually finds friendship with him.ghs heavily as tries to reconnect to a past she barely remembers.

Happy to Be With You

Length: 14mins16secs

Director: Biwei Cong

Cast: Mandy Gennaro、Scott Richardson

A short film about the emotional bond between an old woman and her lifelong AI robot.

The Room In The Elephant

Length: 8mins52secs

Director: Tricia Lee

Cast: Ingrid Rogers、Brent Bailey、Lila Bahng

When Nicole receives life-changing news, her 7-year-old daughter poses an insightful perspective.


Length: 27mins10secs

Director: Marie J. Magdaleno

Cast: Will Hainley、Dirk McElyea、Daniela Viduarre、Emma Trevino、Abigail Espinosa

121 exposes the effects of bullying through the story of Brandon, a young man too insecure to fight back and too embarrassed to seek help from his father, who struggles with his own demons. He quickly learns he’s been targeted both online and in person. Will his mother’s love be […]

String of Butterflies

Length: 17mins30secs

Director: Ruolin Xu

Cast: Hadley Scheff

A story about the friendship between a lonely little girl and a grotesque narcissistic monster.

Make America Laugh Again

Length: 1mins24secs

Director: Samy Chouia

Cast: Aron Kader、Maz Jobrani、Ahmed Ahmed、Ramy Youssef、Paul Elia、Bassem Youssef、Amir K、Feraz Ozel、Travina Springer、Melissa Shoshahi、Tehran Von Ghasri、Sammy Obeid、Dave Merheje、Peter Shahriari

Travel Ban is about being brown and immigrant in America seen through the eyes of comedians of Middle Eastern background.

By The Way of Guitar

Length: 10mins37secs

Director: Na Liu

Cast: Billy Zane、Gunnar Sizemor

A washed up guitarist’s fading music dream is rekindled because of a public guitar competition started by a young boy.


Length: 12mins

Director: Dimitri Luedemann

Cast: Lisa Roumain、Natalie Inessa

After losing their apartment – a mother and her daughter struggle as they are forced to spend their first night out as a homeless family in their car.


Length: 22mins49secs

Director: Justin M. scott

Cast: Danielle Alfredo

When a friend bails at the last minute, a Shanghai-based ESL teacher is forced to consider an unlikely guest to accompany her over a holiday evening.

Front of the House

Length: 5mins39secs

Director: Sum Yi Ma

Cast: Ceci Haha、Katie Chan、Suzie Yeung

When a young girl of a generationally owned fishball noodle stall gets a chance to change her life, she must first confront her strict grandmother. A story dedicated to family, food and all the love that gets lost in amidst the hustle and bustle.

Where Dreams Rest

Length: 15mins

Director: Elaine Wong

Cast: Michelle Sun、Zhan Wang

Ah Wei, a young woman from rural China, decides to cross the U.S.-Mexico border through the underground tunnel to reunite with her husband in the United States. She soon realizes the journey is not about the crossing, but about mending the discrepancies between expectations and reality once she gets there.

Our Home Here

Length: 15mins58secs

Director: Angela Chen

Cast: Brandon Soo Hoo、Dianne Doan、Raquenel、Nick Fink

Confused and frustrated by his rejection from the US Marines, 19-year-old Dylan clashes with his older sister, Rose. Meanwhile, driven by guilt and loneliness, 43-year-old fast food worker Celine tries in vain to convince her far-away son that she’s becoming successful in America. 20-year-old Sean grapples with his aimlessness, turning to the […]

Coapan on Standby

Length: 15mins16secs

Director: Federico Cuatlacuatl

Cast: Gabby、Pedro、Changuito、Obdulia、Chela、Manuel、Lala、Focos、David、Teotl、Melanie、Ashley

Coapan En Espera is an experimental documentary highlighting the migratory history and diaspora of a community from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. The community of San Francisco Coapan first started migrating to the U.S in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Now almost 30 years after the first people left their hometown, the hope of returning or not […]

Eve’s Dinner

Length: 5mins58secs

Director: Huanxi Li

Cast: Joanne Shen、Harmonie He、Qingge Gao

A coming of age story about the natural process of life and the sacrifices a mother makes for the better of her daughter.

Born in America

Length: 34mins6secs

Director: Zhan Floyd Luo

The documentary, Born in America, focuses on a Chinese family who comes to California to have their baby in order to obtain the privilege of American citizenship. Throughout the film, the audience will learn more about ‘birth tourism’ and why many Chinese families and investors are buying into these programs. Is it legal or not? How […]

Dog Eat Dog

Length: 14mins56secs

Director: Jianan Ma

Cast: Kyle Meck、Jc Sullivan、Dasha Leidy、Meagan Gillett (I)、Jean Kinsella (II)、Areg Noya、Ian Watson (XXXII)、Hythem Esiely Barrera

On a normal working day a cowardly resident plumber/handyman at an apartment complex discovers that one of three tenants at the apartment is a serial killer — due to an unusual blockage in the apartments’ sewage line.

Baba’s Next Chapter

Length: 9mins42secs

Director: Jamie C.X. Wang

Cast: Jianping Wang、Jamie C.X. Wang

As her father’s retirement approaches, a student filmmaker living abroad attempts to bring a story the father wrote to life, to prevent him from abandoning his one last creative passion that’s fading away.Richard is American actor. Kevin is Asian American actor. Asian actor cant get a role in Hollywood.

The Mother

Length: 9mins50secs

Director: Joe Chen

Cast: Rachel Cherng

A pregnant young woman is told by her adoptive American mother that her Chinese biological mom needs a bone marrow transplant and that she may be the only match. Her decision whether to contact her or not weighs heavily as tries to reconnect to a past she barely remembers.


Length: 10mins48seca

Director: Zhaoxin Liu

Cast: CJ Uy、Rumi Oyama、Vincent Veloso、Yiqing Zhao、Fang Du

A young boy follows a black balloon around his neighborhood on the day his father passes away.

Three Hundred Days

Length: 14mins51secs

Director: Zeyu Zhang

Cast: Terra Wellington、Alexander Catalano、Alexa Zachary、Melissa Celikovic

This is a story about a couple of Lauren and Henson meets a pregnant teenager Katrina in their traveling.

Kneeling Sheep

Length: 14mins30secs

Director: Hai Rihan

Cast: Hong Mei、Namar、Baoligao、Havrqeqege

A Mongolian single mother fights to save her son who is about to be executed, only to discover that the absence of justice is crushing her life.


Length: 2mins4secs

Director: Sunny Wai Yan Chan

“Godspeed” is a story about a mother saying goodbye to her son at the airport. The audience is brought close to the internal thoughts of the main characters – the mother and the son. The son wants a goodbye hug, but the non-expressive mother is reluctant to do so. The seemingly small conflict between them […]

The Chef

Length: 19mins50secs

Director: Hao Zheng

Cast: Jim Lau、Quinn Von Hoene、Allen Theosky Rowe

In the near future, when all labor works are replaced by humanoids, a Chinese chef, Pu (60s) is ordered to pass on his cooking skill to a humanoid robot William and to teach him Chinese cooking. Designed to satisfy his owner, William tries to follow Pu’s every instruction, but his robotic […]


Length: 7mins23secs

Director: Grace Yao

Cast: Sri Manchiraju、Thomas Joiner、Michael Bishop、Jack Romberg、Dean Inserra、Kiara Pomeroy

Grace is a first-generation Chinese-American filmmaker who loves being both behind the the camera and in front of it. Currently a film production student at FSU’s College of Motion Picture Arts, she aspires to produce films that bring impactful stories to life. When she’s not in class or on set, […]


Length: 5mins25secs

Director: Szu-Wei Chen

Cast: Hugo Wang、Wen Yi Wei、Kristen Hung

A Chinese couple tricks a lost Chinese woman that they can’t speak Chinese.

The Second Page

Length: 14mins

Director: Justin Scott

Cast: Archibald McLoll

In Shanghai, a foreign actor’s audition for a big new TV series is complicated by a bizarre series of abrupt changes, including the mysterious emergence of a second-page scene side.


Length: 14mins11secs

Director: Lyra Yang

Cast: Helen Young

When her mom’s sickness begins to worsen, a lonely nine-year-old girl must decide… to escape to her fantasy world as usual or to face the monster in reality. Freya is a silent short coming of age drama exploring growing up in a Chinese-American family that struggles with schizophrenia.

A Missing Piece

Length: 16mins

Director: Grace Chang

Cast: Grace Chang、Chadd Chang

Ling, a Chinese immigrant to NYC, a former Peking Opera performer, has slowly grown apart with her son, David, who dabbles in rap. Their estrangement is put under the spotlight when they visit Ling’s aging master at his senior residence. During their visit an unexpected accident involving Master Li triggers them to put together […]

Prom Time

Length: 9mins24secs

Director: Jessica Liu

Cast: Leann Lei、Alice Tsui、Megan Zhang、Everett Tucker

Upon overhearing her teen daughters recount their dating experiences while getting ready on prom night, Judy accidentally drugs herself with Chinese herbal medicine spiraling her into a gaudy sexual fantasy with the class hunk.


Length: 2mins54secs

Director: Carina Sadeli

Cast: Carina Sadeli

An immigrant single mother changes her appearance to land a job to support her and her young daughter in this new country. What lengths will she go to in order to upkeep this new image?

The Way Home

Length: 20mins5secs

Director: Yiran Zhou

Cast: Zhan Wang、Huanzhang Zhang、Henggao Li、Marcuz Patterson、Xinlei Yang

Frustrated by having to work at his mother’s corner store on a Saturday, 18-year-old Jimmy seizes an opportunity to prove himself to a Chinatown hooligan. 30-year-old Haiyang follows a Coyote through the US-Mexican border when his younger brother, Bin, starts to fall ill. As Jimmy and Haiyang venture toward their own […]

AI- Pocalypse

Length: 16mins1secs

Director: Lin Sun

Cast: Jiao Xu、John Richardson、Arthur Roberts

In 2035, Artificial intelligence has become highly sophisticated. With world war on the verge, a hawkish general plots to send a man-made AI robot into the fourth dimension to observe the future and win the war. When the robot’s creator, who is opposed to the mission, mysteriously dies the robot’s “humanity” is tested.

With a Little Help From My Friends

Length: 6mins54secs

Director: Eric Hwang

Cast: Martha Cheng、John Edmond Parcher、Adam Lebowski

A quasi-musical about a middle-aged taxidermist who was a failed opera singer in her youth and who seeks to find her voice again by participating in a local church choir, with the help from one of her stuffed furry friends.

Cowboy Joe

Length: 6mins

Director: Jingjing Tian

Cast: Conder Shou、Lei Zhou

Set in NYC, a Chinese cowboy grapples with his identity and stands up to this father for the first time.

Family First

Length: 8mins28secs

Director: Dean Lin

Cast: Helen Sun、Dom Huynh、Chase Torrance

A mother mentally recalls moments with her gay son, struggling to reconcile her beliefs with the trauma she has caused him.

Only The Moon Saw It

Length: 8mins321secs

Director: Xiyuan Liang

Cast: Calvin Jung

An old man finally make his mind to rob somebody for putting himself into the jail.


Length: 37mins23secs

Director: Sunwoo Park

Cast: Yi Liu

Xiaohua, a bridal makeup artist at a Chinese wedding hall in Flushing, NYC, helps countless brides shine on their big days. Raising two young boys on her own after her husband left her, she’s long closed off from her own emotions and desires. But is there more to life than this? Like a delicate flower […]


Length: 10mins7secs

Director: Ewan Gotfryd

Cast: Alexandra Margot、James Duval、Eve Mauro、Emie Clarke

MOTHER (2019) is an experimental short film in homage to one of the most influential female avant-garde filmmakers, Maya Deren. Featuring a dream-like narrative of a woman trapped within a fantasy and confronted by various versions of herself.


Length: 5mins28secs

Director: Xiaolu Wang

Cast: Jia Rydholm、Alexander Michuda 、Evan Slack、Jude Nair、Dmitri Nair、Jordan Sundheim、Chari Eckman、Yanni Wang

Based on the director’s lived experience of moving from China to a predominantly white, rural American town when she was 14. The story takes place on Xiao Xing’s first day of high school after the move, where she begins to feel othered and isolated in her public […]

I Am Seth Rogan

Length: 9mins58secs

Director: Brandon Len

Cast: Scott Cavanaugh、Brandon Len、Reed Buck、Wayne Browne、Aubrey Schopinsky、DJ Holloway、Steven Spohr、Will Deasey

When two low life drug dealers mistake a pizza delivery man for Seth Rogen, they force him to hang out.


Length: 12mis6secs

Director: Chuck Marra、Megan Foley Marra

Cast: Wayne Lee、Laura Lanoil

On the anniversary of Kevin’s husband’s passing, he decided to honor his late husband’s wishes to scatter his ashes at sea. While at the beach, Kevin’s perfect plan was made complicated by the elements of nature and an unexpected stranger.

Life Of Machine

Length: 6mins46secs

Director: Peter Mattson

Cast: Peter Mattson、Meredith Scardino

Hank is a simple, henpecked robot whose curiosity is piqued when he finds an old surfing manual in a dumpster on the way to his 9-5 factory job.


Length: 19mins30secs

Director: Ying Liu Hatch

Cast: Yifeng Tian、Zhenyu Jiang、Juemeng Wang、Lucifer Xie、Mickey Miao、Ryan Feng

A girl receives a gift, an AI robot version of the boyfriend she just broke up with, who comes with a remote control that allows her to correct his every move. Yet there is a secret to this robot…

When Fall Comes

Length: 5mins59secs

Director: Yiwei Pu

Cast: Ted Chun、Cindera Che

As an old woman falls ill, her husband concocts a mysterious plan to fulfill her dream.


Length: 9mins59secs

Director: Luis Peña

Cast: Refugio López、Grecia Balboa、Jamie Williams、Wilson Azer

Relying on no one else but each other, drug dealer Elias tries to escape the loop of his broken life caused by his junkie sister Meri.

Stray Cat Ah Q

Length: 5mins46secs

Director: Mulan Fu

Cast: Meng Jin、Mulan Fu、Johanna Lee

A chance encounter between a stray cat and a young girl becomes a lifelong friendship able to withstand distance and time.

The Fiddle Player

Length: 9mins57secs

Director: Jingnan Wang

Cast: Claire-Monique Martin、Kelsey Andrae

The Fiddle Player is a story about an exceptional violinist who cannot find a job. When she is about to give up her dream she finds hope in an old high school friend, who turns the tables on their friendship and her career.

Dear Friend Chinatown

Length: 5mins25secs

Director: Tian Leng

A cinematic and poetic exploration of the space and time in Chinatown of Downtown Manhattan, Dear Friend Chinatown uses the form of a postcard to a foreign friend to depict the beauty of life here.


Length: 5mins54secs

Director: Bailey Liu

Cast: Phillip Guy、Gia Zinovoy

Jeff is a lonely guy with no experience in dating women. He sets out to pick up a woman in a bar. He wants to get lucky but his eagerness places him in a terrible position as he walks into a trap.

The Sorcerer

Length: 11mins51secs

Director: Christopher Ma

Cast: Christopher Ma- Director、Christopher Ma- Writer、Xiaoli Liu- Writer、Victoria Zhang- Producer、Anton Kurov- Producer、Natalie Dease- Production Design、Becky Baihui Chen- DP、Cabba Jiaxuan Cai- Sound

After Chinese Sorcerer Dee finds out that his friend’s fiancé is a vampire, he decides to pay a visit and save the day.

Suntanned Orange

Length: 21mins7secs

Director: Peiqi Peng

Cast: Lanhua Ma -Producer、Allura Grace Duffy- Producer、Qin Ziwei- Director of Photography、Peiqi Peng- Writer

In a Chinese tourist group among the heat of the Nevada desert, a teenage daughter fighting with her father encounters a mysterious woman.


Length: 14mins7secs

Director: Anthony Cheuk On, Chan


“Memory Revival” pianist Frederick confronts the “Memory Eraser” in a soul-wrenching duet that forces them both to reckon with memories of their childhood they had long-since forgotten.

Gem Gossip b4 #’s

Length: 12mins50secs

Director: Xiao Wang

Cast: Danielle Miele

An inside peek into a quirky collector’s world, an obsession for antique jewelry and gems, and a start of a jewelry blog that becomes a profession.

In the Frontier The Flower is Quiet

Length: 9mins321secs

Director: Jiin F, Chang

Cast: Bright Chang、Morning Chang、Slade Hallett、Sydney Winn、Cailey Winn、Liang Chiu

A cold winter in northeastern China, Russian Soldiers cross the border and storm the small village of Jiangdong. A Chinese father sacrifices himself so that his young daughter and son can live another day. A miraculous lone yellow chrysanthemum survives in the snow, and gives her the strength to […]

New Year’s Eve

Length: 21mins31secs

Director: Yuhaojie Zheng


After openly defied his mother by choosing Kung Fu school over college, a 19-year-old boy comes home for Chinese New Year and finds everything changed.

Dante Falls

Length: 14mins54secs

Director: Nancy Lin

Cast: Tricia Fukuhara、Daniel Chung、Noveen Crumbie、Jesten Mariconda

Spunky teen Nova Dante has one job: caretaker to the Dante family cemetery and the ghosts that live within. With her parents away, Nova must balance her work and personal life as she and her inattentive Shinto priest boyfriend accidentally release evil ghosts that threaten to take over the world.

Searching for Liang Zhu

Length: 29mins10secs

Director: Weng San Sit

Cast: Lydia Look

Filmed in China, Mexico and the United States and utilizing archival footages, Searching for Liang Zhu journeys into spaces that are echoing with the story of the Butterfly Lovers; a Chinese legend about a woman named Zhu Ying-tai who dressed as a man in order to have an education. The story is embodied and […]

The Dragon Dream

Length: 10mins23secs

Director: Sophie Cheung

Cast: Raymond Kwai、Bonnie Chang、Huaiyi Tsai、Chester Wai

The Dragon Dream tells the story of Asian American college student Sam. He lives in two parallel yet conflicting societies: American at school, and Chinese at home. He tries to live up to his parents’ expectations while withholding his inner emotions.

The Blessing

Length: 5mins42secs

Director: Liann Kaye

Cast: Ryan D. Wright、Yoko Hyun

When a timid, midwestern boy decides to propose to his girlfriend, he has to go through her immigrant, Chinese mother first.

What The Hell

Length: 11mins

Director: Dede Harlan

Cast: Dede Harlan

What The Hell is a story about two neighbors who don’t get alone with each other end up killing themselves into a heaven and hell transfer station, where they are told only one person can go to heaven, and they have to make a choice.

My Declaration

Length: 21mins53secs

Director: Jiayi Li

Cast: Burtis Cutler

An old cowboy Burtis is tired and lose the passion of life. He tries to looking for a person to making a duel for meaning of existence. When the critical moment come, a real choice will be made by himself.


Length: 19mins5secs

Director: Yunting Chen

Cast: Benjamin Leleu、Rodrigo Obregon、Lauren Faulkner

A 18 years old boy who lives in a small town wants to be an artist by following his father’s step, he needs to make the decision while he’s facing the fare of the unknown future.

The Last Ride

Length: 22mins32secs

Director: John Jiang

Cast: Lawrence Chen、Jing Zheng

Wu is a tightfisted taxi driver who worships his money. Intrigued by a generous offer for fare, he steps on the journey with his wealthy passenger. This is their ‘last ride.’


Length: 23mins44secs

Director: Michael Justin Lee

Cast: Amanda K. Morales、Marlain Angelides

A modern reinterpretation of the ancient Greek tragedy about family honor and a young woman’s devotion to her departed brother

Unbridgeable Distance

Length: 12mins39secs

Director: Aisha Li

Cast: Lucy Lu

Chinese immigrant Lucy Lu finds it difficult to thrive in America when half of her heart is an ocean away. Finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, Lucy attempts to continue the journey alone.

Currency of Dreams


Director: Angela Chen

A portrait of 3 Taiwanese people and what they sacrifice in order to pursue their dreams.


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