Shan jiang miao museum, also known as “China miao museum”, formerly known as China phoenix mountain miao family museum, was directly named “China miao museum” by the ministry of culture in 2006, and is the abbreviation of China hunan phoenix mountain miao family museum.

The museum of miao nationality is located in the temple gu miao village, shanjiang town, fenghuang county.

The whole museum is divided into nine pavilions, two floors, one area. The nine pavilions are: “miao farmhouse”, “ancient residence”, “Yin shi family”, “warrior household”, “costume loot”, “embroidered woman’s home”, “craftsman bedroom”, “wizard cabin”, “literati cabin”, in addition, there are also storeroom building, VIP building, living area and miao customs activity field (miao customs small garden). It shows the development history of the miao nationality through thousands of years, continuous labor and struggle, and the wonderful, mysterious and colorful pictures of the miao culture.