Shanghai Film Group (“SFG”) is composed of Shanghai Film Studio, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Shanghai Dubbing Studio, Shanghai Documentary Film Studio, Shanghai Film Technology Plant, the Co-production Company, Shanghai United Circuit, East Film Distribution Co.Ltd,Shanghai East Movie Channel, Shanghai Film Park, Shanghai Art Designing Corp.,  Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai etc. It is one of the largest film groups in China.


The headquarters of SFG includes the following functional departments: Strategy and Development Committee, Investment and Budgeting Committee, Production and Technology Committee, Audit Department, Production & Technology Department, Key Projects Department, and Creative Staff’s Management Center.


The main business of SFG covers film and TV drama’s production, publicity, sales, distribution and exhibition. It also operates film and TV related industries. In the Group, an industrial chain is being formed linking film production, distribution and exhibition, technological services, publicity, film studios, and film education and so on.


In recent years, SFG’s philosophy of “open door” and “cooperation” has strongly boosted its development, bringing steadily increasing business revenue, economic strength, core competitiveness and market share.