ShanghaiBaoqiFilm&TV Culture CO. LTD is a listed cultural enterprise in TV production and distribution investment, planning and execution stage art, exhibition, artist management, cultural and creative industrial park development and other diversified business. Since its establishment, ShanghaiBaoqiFilm&TV Culture CO. LTD upholds the outstanding works to inspire people with lofty sentiment, the creation of a large number of excellent works, establishing a long-term cooperation with a number of well-known cultural film and television companies. The intention is to reach the depth of cooperation with the United States FEILIE Hollywood film production company, Korea SM Company and other world-class institutions, which has created conditions for the company’s rapid development. With the forceful opening of listed market, ShanghaiBaoqiFilm&TV Culture CO. LTD successfully listed at National Equities Exchange and Quotations on January 22, 2016.