With the aim of “creating competitive works with great sincerity and joining hands with partners to build a brilliant future”, Wenzhou Yongjia Media Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Li Yongli, one of the natives of Wenzhou, known as “oriental Jews”.

In its early days, the company rapidly won extensive support from the society, attracted national-level experts, art judges and tutors, first-class directors and other professionals engaged in film and television production as well as a number of famous artists and potential stars, and helped to bring about the cooperation among domestic first-class publicity and distribution platforms, mainstream theatre chains and news media.

In 2014, the creative team of the company shot a TV play on inspiring entrepreneurship of the disabled in Guangxi, smoothly creating incomes. Currently, the original team is strategically attracting talents and pooling public wisdom and resources to make new brilliant achievements.

The company is mainly engaged in film and television production and distribution, planning of artistic performances, stage modeling, corporate image planning, photography planning service, conference service, marketing planning service, calligraphy and painting exhibition and sales, and domestic advertisement design, production and distribution.