Wolf Totem

The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Wonder Mama

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Go Away, Mr. Tumor

Ever Since We Love

Jian Bin Xia

One Step Away

Chronicles of Ghostly Tribe

Lost in Hong Kong


Lifetime Achievement Award

Qin Yi

Best Documentary of the Year

China – “Chinese Art and Culture during Anti-Japanese War”
USA – “Unit 731”
China-US Coproduction – “Behind Bayonets and Barbed Wire”
China – “Once Upon a Time in Bussieye’s Garden”

Best Animated Film of the Year

“Legend of a Rabbit: The Martial of Fire”, “Roco Kingdom 4”

Best Opera Drama Film of the Year

Zhuang Yuan Mei

Golden Angel Awards for Outstanding China TV Series

“All Quite in Peking”, “My Elder Brother & My Sister In-Law”, “Diamond Lover”, “Hero Dog”, “No Farewell”, “Miracle Healer”, “Road Twenty Four”, “Mother Like Flower”, “Outline of The Blade”, “Hey Daddy”

Most Popular American Film Award

“Fast and Furious 7”, “Avengers, Age of Ultron”, “Jurassic World”, “San Andreas”, and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”

Best Short Film of the Year

China – 1st Place “Hello, Myself”
2nd Place “Extraordinary”
3rd Place “A Good Deed”, “Fishy Eye”
USA – 1st Place “The Red Thunder”
USA – 2nd Place “Isa and the Frog Prince”
ITALY – 3rd Place “Life in Smoke”

Ten Best Anti-Fascist War Themed Movie and TV Series Award

Movies – “Ever Lasting Broadcasting”, “Goddesses in the Flames of War”, and “Songs from Battlefields”, Daokou Style Chicken
TV Dramas – “The Spy War”, “Woman in a Family of Swordsmen”, ” Left Hand Cleaver”, “Mine Warfare”, “Code is called Sparrow”, “Through the Line”

Best New Director Award

“Yellow Flower Blossom” Director Liu Hongyan

Best New Producer Award

“The Spy War” Producer Jiang Han
“Young Love Lost” Producer Liu Xiao

Best New Actor Award

“First Cavalry Division” Qiu Lin
“Super Bodyguard” Yu Song

Most Outstanding Young Directors Award

Xu Zheng, Guan Hu, Da Sheng, Han Yan, and Li Yu

Best Mimic Actor of the Year

“Primary Target” Sun Weimin playing “Zhou Enlai”
“Deng Xiaoping On Huangshan” Lu Qi playing “Deng Xiaoping”

Best Director of Chinese TV Series

“Left Hand Cleaver” Director Lian Yiming

Best Female Actor in TV Series

“The Chinese Farmer” Niu Li

Best Male Actor in TV Series

“Life is A Little Sweet” Feng Gong

Best Supporting Female Actor of the Year

“The Queens” Vivian Wu

Best Supporting Male Actor of the Year

“Wolf Totem” Yin Zhusheng

Most Popular Actor Award

“Jian Bing Man” Dong Chenpeng

Outstanding Actress Award

“Mother Like Flower” Zhou Dong Qi

Best Director of the Year

“Chronicles of Ghostly Tribe” Lu Chuan

Best Leading Actress of the Year

Michelle Rodriguez

Best Leading Actor of the Year

Xu Zheng

Best Picture of the Year

“The Dead End”

Best Producer of the Year

Bona Film CEO Yu Dong

Best New Producer

Gu Hao, Young Love Lost

Best Short Film Series Award

Looking China