US Lucky Star Films LLC. was founded in April 2015.  It was founded by Ci Zhang, a famous Chinese/American writer and documentary film maker; Lowell Blank, a Hollywood producer with 25 years experience of movie making. Lucky Star Films Inc. is a legally operating cultural entertainment company registered with the California government. Lucky Star Film’s first documentary film, Faith in Ailao Mountain, was completed in early September 2015.  On September 25th of the same year, Faith in Ailao Mountain won the “World Independent Film Festival TWIFF” – The Best Family Story Award; “Faith in Ailao Mountain” has been Screening at Harvard University, UC San Diego University, Stanford University, Tokyo Waseda University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Chinese University, Yunnan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University. In January 2016, it had been sent to Houston WorldFestival, Shaw Brothers Film, France Cine Ma Du reel Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taiwan International documentary Biennale, the Korean International Women’s Documentary Film Festival. In same year, Faith in Ailao Mountain” was selected as of the “China-US Film Festival” CAFF on November 1st, 2015 – Golden Angel Finalist.