Beijing Jinxuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. is founded in March 20, 2000. The company produces film and TV series.

Since its birth to August 2016, the company produces several TV series that have been premiered on CCTV1: Unforgettable depicting the war of American and Chinese army against Japan invasion; For Our Homeland depicting working environment of China’s police; A Big Family portraying a middle-aged couple who founded an orphanage; Who’s Guilty depicting electronic crime and is created jointly by Ministry of Electric Power and Hunan Power Company. The series received Golden Sword Awards. Other TV series produced by Beijing Jinxuan Cultural Communication have received great reputation and many awards, such as Moon Fallen on Yangzi River depicting stories of Cultural Revolution, is praised by Guangming Daily; The Thirteenth Princess starring Li Xiaolu, Lv Liping, and Fu Biao, has awarded the best 10 TV series in competitions taking place in Hunan province and Hubei province. In 2004, the company produces digital movies Talk and Love and Spider Man and Dog. The movies premiered on CCTV Film and in theaters nationwide. My Uncle Zhou Enlai is a TV drama on the theme of revolutionary history that premiered on CCTV at prime time in July this year.