Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. is the leading documentary production company in China, with key focuses on investing, producing, and distributing professional documentaries, and also the first documentary production company to be traded on the capital market in China. With strong production capability and financial strength, Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. is well known as the “First Documentary Stock” in China(Stock Code:430667).
With 18 years history, Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. is dedicated to producing top-notch documentary works related to humanities. Its works have been widely distributed both domestically and globally. It has established long term partnership with prestigious TV networks such as CCTV and Phoenix TV etc., as well as government institutions such as the State Oceanic Administration of People’s Republic of China and the Confucius Institute etc. In recent years, Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. has proactively pursued opportunities to expand global market, and has reached business contact with renowned institutions like BBC.
Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. has produced many documentary series, such as , , , < Our Olympics>, and , which garnered widespread social impact and won almost all of the prestigious awards in documentary.
Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. take “using both global vision and historical perspective” as its production process guideline. Our teams’ footprints can be found all over the world, we have even filmed in dozens of countries and regions in some untraversed regions of Africa. Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in production and formed a very systematic project management process in the past years.
At Beijing SDT Media CO,.Ltd(SDT),We focus on thought and culture.
By attaching great importance to wisdom and culture, we have inspired creation.
Our core purpose guides us becoming the best documentary company in China.