The company’s business covers film and television entertainment (film and TV drama development, filmmaking, production, distribution, sales, etc.) as well as artists broker. With the help of its capacity in operating full product line and multi-channel content communication in multi-level media market, unique cultural concepts, rich communication experience, extensive communication channels and innovative professional team, the company has become the backbone of the industry in a short period of time. As a local emerging cultural promotion and marketing agency, Shengtianjiahe Culture Media Co., Ltd. has strong technical, financial and resource advantages, and is dedicated to the prosperity of the domestic cultural market, revitalizing the domestic culture industry and enriching contents of audience’s screen, it is the company’s ultimate goal to become a new media flagship. In recent years, the company has produced Mao Yaya’s Marriage, One Man’s War, Guard Your Life, Open Your Eyes, You are My Family, Hunting, Qin Xianglian, Look at Flower in Fog, My Bubble Summer and many other films and television masterpieces, and maintained a good business relationship with domestic mainstream media; the company has maintained a long-term partnerships with print media, online media, television, mobile media and other media fields; and gradually established a Beijing-based nationwide relations network in media field. The TV series “Foster” jointly filmed in 2015 has been successfully concluded and currently under post-production. Now, the company is preparing the drama named “Faitour” with the American partner, which is expected to officially start shooting at the end of this year.