China Film Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 by China Film Group Corporation in alliance with 7 other organizations including China International Television Corporation, CNR Media Group, Changchun Film Studio Group Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Broadcasting Group Corporation, Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co.,Ltd, Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd, China United Network Communications Ltd.

China Film Co., Ltd. issued its shares on A-share market successfully on August 9th, 2016 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock symbol is 600977.

China Film Co., Ltd. business consists of four segments, production , distribution, exhibition and film service, involving film &Television production, distribution, screenings, marketing, cinema chain, movie theaters, equipment production and sales, projection system rental, performing brokerage, film merchandising and many other fields. China Film has good relationship and close collaboration with international mainstream film companies.

In recent year, we produced over 100 movies in various genres, e.g. “The Wandering Earth””My Best Summer” “The Founding of An Army”,“Mermaid”, “The Hundred Regiments Offensive”, “Wolf Totem”, “American Dreams in China”, “The Founding of A Republic”, “The Beginning of Great Revival”, which earned widespread social influence; TV series such as“Loving Never Forgetting”, “On The Road”, “The Plateau” were listed as “China Dream” theme recommended to broadcast by SARFT. Moreover, China Film provided production service to over 1,000 Film& TV works, cultivated and brought up a large batch of talented screenwriters, directors, actors and various types of professional and technical people.

State Production Base of China Film Co.,Ltd with advanced technologies and perfect facilities, owns 16 world-scale studios that cover 5,000 square meters. This digital post-production center has strong capability in film sound production, picture editing, digital intermediate production, visual effects, comics and animation production.

China Film Co.,Ltd possesses the biggest digital film distribution management platform in China. It has a dominant position in the field of digital film distribution and has distributed nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign films. China Film owns 7 holding and joint-stock cinema chains and over 100 holding theaters, the box office can hit one fourths of the total box office gross in China.

The self-developed technologies- China Giant Screen (CGS) system, China Film Appotronics Laser Projection Technology and China Film multidimensional sound technology researched by China Film Co.,Ltd and scientific institutions are leading in the world. Up to now, over 200 theaters equipped with CGS put into operation and China Film Co., Ltd has signed the related sales contracts with entrepreneurs from United States, Indonesia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and other regions.