In April 2004, China Film Promotion International (CFPI) was established to assist domestic production companies in overseas promotion and distribution. Its main functions include programming Chinese films to participate in international film festivals and film markets, assisting China’s film authorities in operating Chinese film festivals or screening events worldwide, providing the production enterprises with information on overseas markets and establishing international distribution network for Chinese film.
CFPI is split into five line departments: Asia-Pacific Department, Euro-Africa Department, Americas Department, the Department of Film Festival and the Department of Integrated Affairs.
CFPI, who has been recognized for excellence in its management philosophy, are expanding its global team of film promotion by recruiting film professionals and high-profile personnel with linguistic expertise. The key staffs of the team are of 10 years professional experiences in the industry on average. And all front line staff of it are bilingual, who are well versed in English, French, German, Russian and so on.
As a domestic company with the global vision, CFPI look forward to partnering with collaborators from home and abroad, and make tireless efforts to promote Chinese films worldwide.