Focusing on whole network plays, films and variety shows, Huace Group produces over 1,000 episodes of TV series, having the largest annual output and the largest market share, highest broadcasting rate as well as the most overseas exports in China. It builds a whole-industry film & TV complex, covering diversified fields such as artist agency, product placement, derivatives development, intellectual property management, cinema construction, TV and Internet channel management, cultural and creative park operation as well as industry investment, etc. Its business sections include Hangzhou Business Group, Shanghai Business Group, Beijing Business Group, Variety Show Business Group, International Cooperation Experimental Zone, Cinema Business Division and International Company, etc.
Taking the creation of a top comprehensive international entertainment media group as its strategic position, “brand-new content, industry, organization, surpassing and brand-new Huace” as the innovative ideas, Huace Group tries to build a state-level cultural and entertainment industry empire and form new customers, new scenarios, new space, new consumption and new life in the new economic era, by connecting everything through content and driving innovation on a large scale.