China Wit Media Co., Ltd. is a cultural entertainment company centers around IP acquisition, film and television production, games, and the Internet. It was founded in September 2012 with its headquarter located in FuTian Sports Park Cultural Industry Center in Shenzhen. Its branch companies were founded in Beijing and Tianjin. Since the establishment, the company has invested and produced a range of TV series, such as Who Is The True Hero, If Love Can Be Repeated,Shenzhen Love Story, Love After Divorce, The Starter Wife, I’ve once loved you, and The Patrit. All of these shows have been broadcasted in the top satellite televisions in China, such as Hunan Television. Since 2014, a number of Chinese and international talents and professionals have joined the company, while its international projects have grown rapidly. China Wit Media has formed its sister companies in the United States, Japan and Korea for international collaborations and exchanges. The network drama Reincarnation Lovers will be played on IQIYI website on January 16th in 2017. And the film Suspect X will be released on April 1st in 2017.