Feel the life with record; Change the world with culture. Chinese Documentary Media Industry Group was created In this context by five professional documentary companies: A&A Media, Global Raytur, Yaolin Media, SDT Media, Yuanchun Media and one authoritative group. Some of the representative works of those documentary companies including: “World History”, “Chinese History”, Guangzhou International Documentary Festival, “Craft A Destiny”, “The Long March”, “The Wild Yak Patrol”, “The Rise of the Great Nations”, “The Power of Corporations”, “World Heritage In China”, “Finding China”. Chinese Documentary Media Industry Group has reached a strategic partnership with the Beijing Documentary Development Association to jointly promote Chinese documentary cultural industry to the world. There are four business sectors under this Group: Culture, Industry, finance and innovation. Based on the trinity concept of culture and industry, culture and finance as well as culture and innovation, the Group wants parallel development in cultural undertakings and industrial investment, also the combination of documentary images and cultural real estate. The Group is extremely experienced with documentary investment, production and distribution. With culture as the core, capital as the link, The Group, integrating financial and real estate experiences, would achieve economic benefits while creating greater social value. Since culture is the cornerstone, the Group would fully release the charm of record media, making it the best channel for citizens to know the documentary culture, and become the mainstream authoritative voice represent China to the world, expanding the influence of documentary cultural and Chinese cultural.
Integration, bearing, documentary and tolerance; The Group is committed to become the most creditable and influential new media group, serving a positive role to enhance the humanistic quality of contemporary society and to making a great contribution to boost the international influence of Chinese culture.