Desen International Media Co., Ltd. was founded by renowned film producer Ms. Ann An in 2009. The company is specialized in feature film financing, production, marketing and distribution. Working with the top film artists in China, Desen produces mainstream commercial films for domestic and international markets. The company teams up with China’s premier theater operators and business partners, and forms an effective, creative production and distribution pipeline. Since 2010, the company has produced a series of critically acclaimed films with exceptional box office success, such as martial arts action film 14 BLADES and IP MAN 2, sci-fi fantasy film LEE‘S ADVENTRE, award winning drama FULL CIRCLE, and 2013 box-office phenomenon TINY TIMES series, 3D fantasy adventure ZHONGKUI: SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL, and Annie Shizuka Inou’s directorial debut THE QUEENS. Desen’s 2016-2017 lineup includes epic WWII drama MOON FLOWER OF FLYING TIGERS, ZHONGKUI 2 &3, oriental fantasy THE STORY OF FLEETING LIFE, thriller romance SUMMER, 19 YEAR OLD’S PORTRAIT, an adoption of the bestselling youth novel THE X SURVIVAL NOTEBOOK and etc.