Dongyang Le Flower Film And TV Co., Ltd.(a subsidiary of listed company Leshi) is a professional film and TV production company that does investment, planning, production and distribution. The company invested and produced TV shows including Happiness as Flowers, Years Leading to the Golden Anniversary, Chuncao, Empresses in the Palace, Manqiu, Red Sorghum, Obstetrician, Legend of Miyue. These shows have all enjoyed popularity and wide recognition across the industry, helping the company to establish a highly positive brand image.

Over the years, with rich experience, strong capital support, professional team and production capacity, Flowers Film And TV has gradually become one of the best film and TV production company in China. The TV shows Flowers has produced keep setting new highs in ratings. Flowers is thus even more prudent and serious when making each new show. Flowers Film and TV only makes the best quality works and strives to become more diverse and international, improve the competitiveness of the team, be the best of its kind and make even more high-quality works for years to come.