Forever Pictures is an exclusively-invested enterprise by the top investment corporation Fosun Group, focusing on IP development, operation and authorization. Connected with the world leading Hollywood production system, to create the content with Chinese market as the core, combine with the universal values. With the channel of copyright distribution and derivative consumer goods, Foye will achieve the maximum value of IP development.

In IP development, Forever Pictures will manage to dig into China-featured stories and cooperate with world leading cultural and creative enterprises, teams and talents so as to tell China stories to the world with universal values and realize the development of various IP forms. Starting with movie, Forever Pictures will enter the area of literature and comics and finally cover TV drama, Internet Drama, music and games. With the ability of IP acquisition and transform, Forever Pictures aims to cater to diversified demands of consumers from different terminals and platforms.

Forever Pictures also owns multi-dimensional reserves, including film, TV drama production & distribution, large-scale IP research & development, copyright management and industrial resource investment, making “capital” and “resources” have a large space to develop.