Henan Film & Television Production Group Co., Ltd was conglomerated in 2006 on the basis of Henan Film Studio with the approval of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television and the People’s Government of Henan Province. Its predecessor Henan Film Studio, founded in 1958, boasts a history of more than 50 years. The Group is a comprehensive state-owned enterprise run by Henan Province with a registered capital of 120.29 million yuan.

The Group’s business scope includes: asset management and administration; filming, production, distribution, screening and broadcast of movies, TV, advertisement and other related products.

Its management departments include general office, secretariat of party committee, department of personnel, marketing department, coordinating department for film & TV production, script department, department of finance, project development department, department of property, and management center of retirees. It has many subsidiaries, including Huanghe Audiovisual Publishing House, New Rural Village Channel of Henan TV, Film Center of Henna Radio Film and Television Bureau, Henan Province Audiovisual Archive, Henan Radio Film Television Tendering Co., Ltd., Henan Guoying Property Management Co., Ltd, Henan Digital Cinema Circuit Co., Ltd, Henan Film and TV Network Co., Ltd, Henan Film and TV Investment Management Co., Ltd, and 3 film and TV branch companies with a working staff of 350 people.

Currently, the Group holds a number of titles like key enterprise of National Cultural Export and Henan Service Sector, pioneering unit of Henan Culture System Reform, and production base for Chinese popular science film and TV.