HS Entertainment Group Incorporated is a leading entertainment group in China. Since its establishment in 2005 in Beijing, HS Entertainment has presented and produced lots of internationally renowned films and TV series. And more importantly, the Group has developed deep understanding of the entertainment industry, retained a group of dedicated talents, accumulated abundant capital, gained rich experience in IP developments, and developed the capability of investing domestically and internationally. The Group has an integrated business model covering various segments along the industry value chain, including IP development, script development, production, distribution, talent agency, and marketing. It has an experienced production team for live-actions and animations, as well as a group of top-tier concept designers with successful track records in Hollywood.
HS Entertainment always strives for the best. As the leading producer, HS has presented quite a few influential productions that not only realized fruitful economic returns but also had strong social impact, including the movie So Young (Directed by first-time director Vicki Zhao), and the TV series The Ordinary World. Moreover, the Group has the first-class reserve of IPs that are essential for its long-term development, including some of the best-selling novels by the most popular writers, such as Douluo Land by Tangjia Sanshao, Dragon Raja and Shanghai Fortress by Jiangnan.