Established in 2005 and successfully listed in GEM in 2010, Huace Group sticks to its core value of creating elaborate, high quality and diversified whole network plays, films and variety shows centered in content, aims at carrying forward, flourishing, inheriting and developing excellent Chinese traditional culture and creating user-oriented and dual-effect-in-one works close to the times and people’s life, focusing on super entertainment and culture IP reflecting the common feelings and values of all mankind in the world. Producing over 1,000 episodes of TV series, dozens of films and over ten variety shows every year, it occupies 18% of the film and TV market shares and its programs are broadcast 100 billion times. It possesses over 10,000 hours of film and TV copyright resources, with its output remaining the first in the world. It has been listed into the Top 30 cultural enterprises in China for two consecutive years and into the key enterprises of Chinese culture export for eight consecutive years. It is the greatest and the most famous enterprise abroad engaging in mass production of Chinese entertainment products as well as full-screen, whole-network and whole-industry operation of super IP clusters.