Kingdom Film Co., Ltd. is a well-known comprehensive private film and television company in mainland China, which established on April 5, 1999, with legal representative He Yanjiang and production designer Hu Mei. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on investment, planning and production of film and television culture projects. Under the leadership of Ms. Hu Mei, the famous director and the production designer, Kingdom Film has invested, planned and filmed 58 episodes of the TV series ” The Emperor in Han Dynasty “, 20 episodes of “Loyalty”, 45 episodes of “Qiao Family Courtyard”, 22 episodes of “Bloody Persistence”, 20 episodes of “Deep Blue Sea”, 41 episodes of “Cao Cao”, 23 episodes of “EpochMaking”. 42 episodes of ” The Great River Flows to the East “, and the film “Fanny’s Smile”, “Confucius”, ” Enter the Forbidden City”, ” The Dream of the Red Chamber”, etc. All works have received a high audience recognition and good market benefits.