Kylin Pictures is a leader in the Chinese film industry, spearheading growth in the international film market by producing and financing feature films with global market appeal. From the successful Painted Skin series in China to upcoming films like The King’s Daughter (Directed by Sean McNamara), Birth of the Dragon (Directed by George Nolfi), Hacksaw Ridge (Directed by Mel Gibson) and American Made (Directed by Doug Liman), in Hollywood, we utilize East-West elements to express new and different artistic visions, bridging different cultures to create meaningful films. It is our deep understanding of the U.S. and China movie going experience, that allows us to continue setting the bar high for producing high quality co-production film projects. Kylin Pictures, headquartered in Beijing, with a branch office in Shanghai, and an international division in Los Angeles overseeing film production, financing, sales and distribution of international co-production.