M-Star International Culture & Media Ltd was founded in 2003. The company is engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment, including IP production, film and television financing, animation, variety show, and other film and television production as well as global distribution; concentrates on developing the entire industry chain of film and television IP production. Committed to structure content and overseas distribution as an international media company with a global vision. M-Star has been adhering to the concepts of “quality-driven, content is the king, base on originality, leading the values”. The company successfully invested and produced dozens of outstanding film and television works and won plenty of national awards. M-star has been through seventeen years of development, the formation of a number of core competitiveness with the film and television products, to create an international influence brand culture, promoting the diversification of the development of film and television industry. M-Star insists on keeping content as the core, becoming an excellent storyteller of China.