Perfect Pengrui Entertainment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Perfect World, was founded by famous director Liu Jiang in early 2011. He has directed a number of popular works including the teleplays, Beautiful Daughter-in-Law, Before Dawn, Let’s get married and the films, Set off, Let’s get married, and has won the Flying Goddess Awards, the Magnolia Award and the Golden Eager Awards as “Best Director”. Besides, his outstanding works are also rewarded with numerous awards. Each of them not only aroused strong reactions right before it was aired, but also made a big hit afterwards. He is one of the leading directors in the industry and has been described as “the king of the TV industry”, “the guarantee of ratings” and “the guarantee of high-quality works”. Perfect Pengrui, which integrates film investment, shooting, production and artist management, mainly engages in film & TV planning and production and media promotion & placement. It cooperates with nationally known film & TV production companies as well as TV stations through open-ended creation entities, continuously expands creation field and develops successful original works. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and has had a powerful influence on it.