Founded in 2008, Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC) is an entertainment company based in
China, engaging in the production, distribution and marketing of film and television
content, content related advertising, merchandising business, talent management business
as well as investment. On the television side, the company produces between 600-800 episodes of TV dramas
every year, with most of which airing on satellite TV stations at prime time, and is
recognized as one of the top TV drama production houses in the nation. The company
achieved this by signing up top TV drama directors and producers under exclusive deals, and expanded production capacity by establishing strategic partnerships with top
production teams around the country. On the film side, the company released its first movie Sophie’s Revenge in 2009 (starring
Zhang Ziyi, Fan BingBing), which became the highest grossing Chinese romantic comedy
until that time. Then in 2011, the company broke record again whe n its small budget film
Love Is Not Blind (produced under a budget of 1.5Mn USD) grossed over US$56 million
in the domestic market. In April 2015, the company successfully released yet another
romantic comedy titled Let’s Get Married, a feature film that is produced as follow-on to
its massively successful TV drama of the same name (with over 7 Billion internet views in
China). Besides Chinese language films, PWPIC is also one of the most active marketers
of foreign films in China, having brought films like Ghost Rider 2, The Last Stand, Ender’s
Game, Rush and the Divergent franchise into the China market. In February 2016, PWPIC
announced a long term co-financing deal with Universal Studios, which represents the first
time a Chinese company directly invests in a multi-year slate deal with a major U.S studio. This deal gradually paid back and reached a brand new height by capturing 3 Oscar
Awards (incl. a major award Best Actor from Darkest Hours) in 2018. Besides the cofinancing
deals, the company pushed its global expansion into a new level by establishing
a joint venture company Perfect Village with the well-accomplished global film studio
Village Roadshow Pictures. In addition to film and television business (as well as related advertising and
merchandising business), PWPIC and its subsidiaries are also one of the industry leaders in
the talent management business, with over 60 talents under its management. With all the progress made in the company business, PWPIC successfully went public on
the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China at the end of 2014 (Ticker: 002624). In July 2016, Perfect World Pictures announced that the listed company (former Ticker:
002624) has been formally renamed Perfect World Co., Ltd., a move signifying that
Chinese video game company Perfect World is officially returning to the Chinese A-share
market after completing the restructuring with its listed film and game businesses.