Sage Culture Media Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic company in the fields of professional documentary investment, production and distribution. With a creative concept of “having a global vision and an historical viewpoint”, the company has put together a relatively large creative documentary team. For a long time, the company has been devoted to creating cultural documentaries, and has produced TCM Anecdotes, Equestrian Barrel Racing: A Journey to the East, Really Dancing, Urban Law Enforcement, and other full-length documentaries that have received high praise from producers and the media at home and abroad. In 2013, the company established China’s first documentary aid fund, the “Tropic of Cancer Fund”, and the investment operating Documenting China platform. At present, the company is making constant progress in the fierce market with various innovative ideas and hard work as well as the precise organization and effective management of its operating mechanisms, and is exploring new opportunities in China’s documentary market and its own industrial scale.