Shanghai Eastmovie Media Co., Ltd. referred to as “EMC”, is a film and television Media Company affiliated to Shanghai Film Group, and is also the creative subject of Shanghai Science Documentary Studio. EMC has an all-media team with an average age of 30 years. It is a full-media content provider integrating science and education documentary, film and television entertainment, short film, large events, film magazines and online media. It is one of the major creators of science fim in Shanghai. In recent years, EMC has produced a large number of outstanding film and television works, including China Pavilion’s theme film “Harmony of China” during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the color widescreen documentary “The Legend of Shanghai”, the color widescreen documentary “Ling”, “The Great Doctor”, etc. Television production includes over 300 episodes of science and educational documentary “100 Years of Shanghai Architecture”, 120 episodes of TV series “Twin Cities of Movie”, “Memory of Movies”, “30 Years of Film”, over 300 episodes of science programs. EMC is making great efforts to build an excellent youth science documentary team, encourage talents to create more outstanding science and educational documentary, and create a new glory in this field.