Seedling Film’s first feature “Mi Ni” (2005) starring famous movie stars–Angelica Lee and Liu Ye. “A Girl Thirteen” (2007) the second feature entered the 60th Cannes Film Festival for the Junior Competition and won Best Digital Film at the 2007 Beijing Youth Film Festival. “Son of the Stars” (2011) had won the Best Upcoming Director “Gold Angel Award” at 2011 Chinese American Film Festival in Los Angeles. Seedling Film is also a seasoned documentary film production base, it produces documentary films in the past 12 years. “The Snake Boy”, “Shanghai Dreams”, “Lulu and Me”– have been critically acclaimed and have been broadcasted by TV channels throughout Asia. The recent HD project “Shanghai Expo 2010-JiangNan Shipyard” broadcasted by Dragon TV on the first night of 2010 World Expo.