ShenZhen HuaHao Film & Media Co., Ltd. (formally ShenZhen Huahao Cultural Media Co., Ltd.) was established in 2010. It mainly engages in the shooting, release and investment of films, TV series and animation cultural products. Up to now, it has been dedicated to the investment and shooting of films and TV series. It has a series of rather influential filmography, and many films have been shown at numerous festivals, such as “Beijing Dream 2010,” “Shadow Puppet Show of One Person 2011,” “Factory Boss 2014 (won Best Actor Award at MWFF, Fajr Award for Best Original Screenplay at FIFF, and),” “Destiny 2016 (won Best Actress Award and Best Actor Award at SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY),” “Ballad from Tibet 2017 (won multiple awards including Best Children’s Feature at CICFIF and Best Movie in the competition NEW LOOK of TBIFF),” “The Rib 2018 (won Jiseok Award at BIFF and Audience Choice Award at DIFF) .”