Sichuan Huayi Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. A group of people with dreams gathered together and started a crazy life journey for images. They are engaged in creating a professional film and television company that integrates film and TV drama planning and production, short video shooting, artist service and film and television related businesses. They also undertake corporate promotional films. Advertising film production and other business. For example: 1. Film and TV series: mainly including TV series, movies, documentaries and so on. The representative works of the company include: “Allen Story” is a network series written, invested and performed by Mianyang people. “One Family, Three Filial Pieties” is a story of filial piety to the elders of Jiang’s family in Longxian County, Eastern Han Dynasty, which is deduced from a small opera bone. 2. Short video shooting: taking microfilm and sitcom as the main body to shoot and produce short films. Various types of short videos are at your choice. Professional film and television teams shoot and produce them.