Spring Era Films was funded in 2001. Since then, company has played a pivotal part in the growing and now enormous Chinese film and television industry. In 2016, Spring Era Films started to focus its resources on developing IPs from classic novels, films and comics. 《A Chinese Odyssey Part 3》 is a project developed from Jeffery Lau’s cult class film series, and is now generating lots of successes at the box office.
In 2017, Spring Era Films will continue its collaboration with movie star Wu Jing in his 《Wolf Warrior 2》. Also the company is working with movie star Li Chen in his directorial debut 《Lock on target》. Meanwhile, the company has also produced award-winning director Wang Chao’s latest art house film 《Looking for Rohmer》。The film’s greenlight for its distribution represents a major breakthrough in the Chinese SARFT censorship system regarding the subject matter of homosexuality. While the film is wining praises in Cannes, Pusan and many international film festivals, it is also creating buzzes on the internet.
Between the year of 2017 and 2018, the company will focus on its global collaborations by start launching films such as 《Twins》,a co-production between China, Korea and Japan; 《Pound of flesh》,a co-production between China and Canada; 《The Monkey King’s Daughter》, a co-production between China and USA; and finally 《A Story of Mountains and Seas》, an animation project co-produced by China and Canada.