Yang Yi’s Film &Television Company, which integrates investment, production and distribution, has been constantly developing original comedies with intellectual property. The innovation of the company is leading the fashion trend of the film and television industry, making its production stand out from all the other comedies. Taking Tianjin as a carrier and making Yang Guang as the core brand, the company is to enhance cultural confidence and spread right ethics around China. With priority for creating good scripts and building a good reputation, the TV series has become a cultural symbol for Tianjin’s publicity. The company has spent four years, and the documentary film “The Cricket“, which was shot at RMB 9 million, was highly praised by the industry and won the finalist of the highest award for the documentary “Academy Award” and the candidate list of the 2018 Excellent Documentary Films of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

The company adheres to the cultural concept of “what belongs to the nation belongs to the world” and actively explores the international film and television market, radiating China’s film and television culture to the whole world and building a cultural exchange platform between China and the international community.