Founded in 2010, Beijing Transcend Pictures Co., Ltd established itself in Sanlitun, Beijing, a place where filmmakers could work together sharing ideas and experience. As an independent production company, Transcend Pictures sets local content-development, production, investment, and marketing in one. Debuting with its original horror series “BUNSHINSABA,” Transcend Pictures soon becomes well known for creating and producing mainstream movies like the 2015 blockbuster “Go away! Mr. Tumor” (Directed by Han Yan), and “Classic Adaptation Like 12 Citizens” (Directed by Xu Ang). By presenting “The Summer Is Gone” (Directed by Zhang Dalei, screened around the world) and “Suburban Birds” (Talented debut feature directed by Qiu Sheng), Transcend Pictures has been greatly expanded in diverse content creation and independent talent support since then. Years of industry experiences enhance the company’s production and collaborative spirit, building a creative worldwide community of writers, directors, artists, filmmakers, investors and distributors. Transcend Pictures draws on the vast pool of skilled talent, reliable organizations and mass media platform, allowing it to create the top-notch independent entertainment experiences it has come to be known for.