Zhejiang Dongyang Zhongguang Film and Television Cultural Co., Ltd., referred to as the “Zhongguang Film and Television”, is a media company of planning, creating and distributing film and television products ,and of marketing the whole category of high-quality video IP projects as the main business. The company has successfully created “Trump Card “, “Hunting Tigers up on the Mountain “, “Capture the Snake”, ” Kill the Wolf”, “City Lovers”, “Peak”, “Hunting”, “Legend of Sharpshooter”, “Flowers of Killing Wolf” ,” Sword – the Soul of Iron ” and other mainstream TV series, and continue to invest the “Crosscurrent”, “Money and Love”, ” Pascal of Love ” movie etc.. “The Private College of Shushan,” “Four Beauties” and “the Assassination”, “Doll Search for Love” series of network drama and movie is in operation.