Zhejiang Tianguang Diying Film And Television Production Co., LTD. founded in 2010, is a professional company integrating film and television planning, shooting, production, production, distribution, brokerage and other businesses. The company adopts standardized management mode and advanced marketing mode; Adhering to the concept of “Creating High-Quality Works” and relying on its excellent production level, the company has continuously produced unique film and television works, promoting the development of China’s film and television drama industry. At present, the company team including TV series “The Human Right Is The Vicissitudes Of Life”, “Mountain Thief Bell Help To”, “The Eternal Loyalty”, “Flood”, “Yang Shanzhou”, “Tongbai Hero”, “Captured Wolf”, “River Water”, “Beauty Private Kitchens”, The Running Of The Yanan, Could Not Hide The Sun “, the movie “Deng Xiaoping Deng Huangshan Mountain”, the tropic of cancer, etc.